jr high & High school

Our Mission: Every Student Should Feel Known, Valued, and Connected!

Our vision is for all students to be:
POSITIVE that God loves them and that He has a good plan and purpose for their lives
PASSIONATE for Jesus Christ, for His church, for the needy, and for the lost
PERSUADED that God’s way really is the best way
PREPARED for life, for relationships, for service, and for leadership.

Sunday Mornings
Every Sunday morning, middle and high school students gather at 9am to grow their faith in a fun and loving atmosphere. We love to see lives transformed by the example of Jesus, as our students learn about prayer, service and social justice, Christian community, and the Bible. In the fast paced, cut throat teenage world, our youth group offers a breath of hope, a hope that God is good and Jesus is doing a miraculous work of love in each of our students.

Wednesday Nights
The best night of the week is mid-week youth group on Wednesday nights from 6:30-8pm. Middle schoolers and high schoolers gather with our dynamic youth ministry team (they’re crazy about teenagers!) to share dinner, play games, build relationships with students and leaders, and discuss God’s Word and life concerns in a practical, fun, and spiritual way.